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Diversified Asset Planners, INC. 

Diversified Asset Planners, INC.


We offer experienced retirement planning through processes that have been tested by time in any market. We work toward providing our clients with financial security in uncertain times and taking the worry out of financial management.


Diversified Asset Planners was founded on June 10th, 1987 by four individuals including two of our current representatives, Donald Leitzell and Nicholas Accordino. We have evolved to having ten planners and seven administrative assistants who manage over $1 billion in client assets.

Our main focus is on the need of the clients. We meet with clients mainly by referral and believe private one-on-one meetings are most effective when discussing such confidential and life-changing events such as retirement and financial allocation.

Our number one strength is service. We serve the client first whether the market be good or bad. We closely monitor the market and make conservative, but rewarding, suggestions to the best of our ability.

Our goal is to help clients gain a better understanding of the financial concepts behind insurance, investing, retirement, estate, planning, and wealth preservation. Most importantly, we hope clients see the value of working with skilled professionals to pursue financial goals and understanding the opportunities and potential reward that are available when taking a proactive approach to client’s personal financial situation.

We’re here to help educate you about the basic concepts of financial management, to help you learn more about who we are, and to give you fast, easy access to market performance data. We hope you take advantage of this resource and visit us often. Our website provides information defining different plans, calculators, and articles providing insight into the daily market. Our online videos will give you a better understanding of how to handle the variety of financial situations you may be handling.